How do I select Bromite as WebViewer? It's not visible in the developer settings

How do I select Bromite as standard WebViewer?
It’s not visible in the developer settings. I can only see and select the standard (Google) Webviewer or Chrome. But Crome is nearly invicible now and not selectable because I have deactivated it.
But when I install Bromite WebView and/or Lineage WebView and go to the settings they are not selectable as WebViewer!
Does anyone no how to solve this?? Do I need to root my device or get Lineage or is there another way to get it working more easy??

Your ROM must allow such selection IIRC, there’s also a Magisk module for that, but on my devices where I tested it ended up in a bootloop, so I had to delete the module via TWRP, so be careful :frowning:

I don’t even have a rom yet. I’ve been thinking about reading how to get one, but I decided that I wait, until my phone gets Android 10, before I try experimenting with roms. That will probably be some day next year. I wish they have released it for all Androids by the end of january, but I don’t think that will happen.

Easiest on non rooted devices is to use Fennec with embedded gecko(alt webview) when you need a “secure/safe” webview: that is why fennec is so heavy with ~60Mo (and so long to build).

It’s complicated. See


Latest rc9 kalturaDeviceInfo now includes webView provider(s) and active version detection (via embedded dynamic button). Since Nougat, possible providers have to match framework-res.apk/res/xml/config_webview_packages.xml pre-declarations.

@tip without twrp/root, there is no alt roms which handles original Bromite (also most of roms re-sign a factory prebuilt webView.apk: ).

If you have an unlock-able bootloader, I will switch my Treble microG Pie GSi to upgradable Bromite webview (~next week) with latest known ad-blocking version : 76.0.3809.129. (Bromite 76 returns a 74 webclient )

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