How do i link KeePass database info into Fennec? We have a Keepass Addons and Apps


First off, i thank the staff for creating such an amazing web browser. this should be the default browser for the Android OS.

Anyways, i love KeePass but for some reason, i am unable to link the database to Fennec. What should i do? what addon should i install? i need the information because my life would be much easier. i am pretty sure this info will benefit so many other people out especially those who have low end mobile devices.

I really like to keep my passwords far from the browser.
When I open my KeePass database I chose the service I want to login and then I got those two buttons on the notification drawer. Select to copy username & Select to copy password are the perfect options for me.
I don’t think a full integration is a good idea.
Internet browsers can handle a password database if this is what you need.

Yes, i have the same type of thinking.

For some reason, my book marks will not transfer over from Firefox Sync feature so i have no idea what the software is Syncing.

I guess your method is probably much better.

Secondly, what addon is preferred for password database? I may just skip on that due to security reasons.

having the keepass login feature on the key pad (user name and password are copied) is good enough,

Browser addon and password db are two things that don’t go well together. Just a Keepass db behind a looong password and a key file.

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