How do I know if F-Droid is not detecting my app has been updated?

Hey all, long time F-Droid user, and I should know this, but somehow I don’t.

After a 5 year hiatus on the JustChess app, I decided to go back and fix a bunch of the errors and clean it up. 13 days ago I started committing fixes. and made a new tag 7 days ago. It’s fine if it just takes a while for F-Droid to catch up, but when I look at the F-droid build status app, it doesn’t recognize that there are newer versions of my app available, and I’m just wondering what I did wrong, or if I just need more patience?


Version 2.4 was recognized a few minutes ago:

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@alaskalinuxuser 2.3 was not picked up because you forgot to bump versionCode: app/build.gradle · v2.3 · AlaskaLinuxUser / app_JustChess · GitLab

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Updated the recipe, should build next cycle: metadata/com.alaskalinuxuser.justchess.yml · 7b5cc345694cab2783852c52cd0c4ef4f973fe98 · F-Droid / Data · GitLab

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Thanks all, I realized my error and made a commit just to bump the version number/code for F-Droid. I thought it was based on tags, but realized not. Been away from app programming for too long I guess! :sweat_smile:

It is based on tags, but the checkupdate job looks at available versionCodes, sees it’s already there… then :person_shrugging: and skips it :slight_smile:

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Ah, and now I see that even though there is version code 2.4, it built tagged version 2.3. So in the future, if I want Fdroid to build the latest, I need to bump version number and tag.


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