how can i create a foss from github

i find a good applivation from github i want to send it to f-droid but after read all the policies and .md i still don’t know how to do with it .Before this i never compile an app , what should i do first if i want to increase an app for f-droid ,what should i learn first?

have you read the Inclusion Policy: ? Also I think you need the permission of the author.

And for learning how to submit an app, you should at least know how to compile an app from source. Instruction for compiling a FOSS app is mostly found in the readme of that project or you can ask the dev.

No, not really.

Yes, read the policy, but beyond that just open an issue here:

Yes, compiling the app with fdroidserver before hand helps… but it’s not a hard requirement


@fazlerabbi37 You don’t need the permission of the author(s). However it is good practice to notify the project.

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