How can I add a Löve2d App?

Hello, I had made a ComputerCraft Emulator (Minecraft Mod) who is OpenSource. It runs on multiple platforms. Android is one of this Platform. I want to add this to F-Droid, but don’t have experience in Compiling Apps.
So my Question is: What do you need to Built my App? The Wiki of Löve2d said, that I have to clone and put the Path of the SDK and NDK in But what is the right Path for the Building Server of F-Droid? And does F-Droid accept another brach than the master Branch in GitHub? I want to make a new brach for F-droid who contain the Full Code of Löve2d for building while the master branch only contain my code. Has anybody experience with Löve2d Apps?
Another Problem is: There a multiple Licensees (All OpenSource): My Code is licensed under Apache License 2.0, Here is the License of Löve2d And I use a part of ComputerCraft (CraftOS) which license you can find here. Is this a Problem?

@Wilma456 is the best place for that.