Host an Fdroid repository on Github/gitlab


I would like to host my own Fdroid repository. I want to add a few apps that I’ve made and built using other tools (namely, MIT Appinventor),

I would like to host this repository on github or gitlab. They’re free, and they offer free static hosting.

How would I go about setting this up?

I can’t host it on the official Fdroid repo because it has a separate build process than if it was an Android Studio app, and I don’t know if you can use the command line to build it easily.

Check out Repomaker. Its looking for a maintainer (has some outdated dependencies), but I’m pretty sure this tool still works as intended. It makes this very easy (point and click).

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Thanks! I’m working on setting this up now.

Which files should be made public, and which should I add to the gitignore?

Also check out servergitmirrors in the example config.yml from fdroidserver, there it explains how to publish repos to github/gitlab. It is pretty straightforward

I am assuming this is the one you are talking about?

Repomaker solved my problem! Thanks!

Actually, I realized I used fdroidserver, not repomaker :slight_smile:

Check out the docs (more generally at, more specifically for this case at

I know this is kind of the “simple” way to do this, but I have a local repo in a VM that I just sync to Github using git whenever I run fdroid update. The repo keys &c. never leave the VM and it’s only online long enough to update the repo.

Then I just set up Github Pages to serve content from the repo.

Setting it up manually works. That is also what the servergitmirrors: config option does for you.

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