Highlighting Liberapay and OpenCollective as the preferred donation options

I’m almost done with the refactoring of our donations infrastructure to fully support the free software options (Liberapay and OpenCollective), and highlight those services over the non-free options. Now I’m looking for feedback before merging everything. Here are the core concepts:

  • fully support OpenCollective: metadata field
  • fully support new Liberapay: metadata field, which uses usernames instead of numeric IDs
  • migrate LiberapayID: to Liberapay:
  • make all other donation services be displayed as plain linked URLs.

Here are the relevant merge requests, they want some attention:

One open question is whether we should also remove the non-free donation methods from the “Donate” sidebar on https://f-droid.org/. All available donate methods would still be shown on https://f-droid.org/donate

Here’s a very rough draft of the blog post to announce this change:


Liberapay is not a good idea.

They host what on CF? Website images? Certs? JS?

I agree that hosting on Cloudflare is not good (my computer runs all traffic over Tor, I’m also a Tor Core Contributor). There is currently no perfect donation system. Liberapay is very much true to Free Software, and the whole voluntary donation development ecosystem, even if their hosting setup sucks. OpenCollective is free software, but they operate like a regular startup, which also has serious issues. The others do not respect free software, have exploitative business models, and have all sorts of other issues.


Does Free Software Foundation distribute some of their membership or donation money to projects like f-droid, or Guardian/Torproject?

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I’m unaware of any FSF money going to F-Droid or Guardian Project. They
have plenty of work to do themselves, so I’m sure they spend their money

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