Hide pictures and videos


I search for an app which hides pictures and videos behind a PIN. They use the term secure vault in iPhone.

When I search for this app in F-Droid there is written incompatible.

It’s not clear what your requirements are. Do you have a Screen Lock set up? That’s one way to put everything behind a PIN.

If somebody has access to my device (myself unlock the screen) he/she can’t see some of my picture/video collection. Some have additional PIN or password in an other app

OK. I assume you have Android 10 (making photo manager incompatible now). Web search has lots of suggestions, but I haven’t tried any.

Not sure that’s what’s wanted… that’s easy and doable now, eg. Simple Gallery does this.

They want the app to hold files in internal storage so other apps can’t just read from storage (Galleries don’t move files from storage)

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