Heyya! Fm radio Issue

So upon looking through the store and online i really cannot find an fm radio app that’s offline for my lg k30 with android 10 , all the stores currents are really old as well and don’t work. I will be honest , no idea of the rules, all i ask is , does anyone know of a working radio that i can use? Because my newer phone does have an fm radio , a motorolla , however i tried it on my old phone , the apk does not like my lg . If anyone could point me in the right direction, that’d be great thanks. P.s the motorolla is an g22.

No, you can’t, use radio online.

The one on your g22 is probably Motorola FM Player, not likely to work on non-Motorola phones.

Then there’s SpiritF, I’m guessing this is the one you said was really old.

RFM Radio is somewhat more recent, but will only work with phones based on certain Qualcomm Snapdragon processors. I don’t know if that fits with your lg k30. It isn’t really in F-Droid, possibly because of the drivers it needs from Qualcomm. It seems to have been forked from Spirit by a colleague after the original dev died.

Both require root. I have not tried either one since my androids are too old for these, so I don’t know if they work or not.

If you don’t have root, you may be stuck with only NextRadio, you’ll have to read the reviews to find clues about how to make what’s left of it work since the company behind it went out of business and the server for some of its former functions is gone.

Edit: Almost forgot, you might want to read https://www.makeuseof.com/tag/how-to-unlock-fm-radio-hidden-smartphone/ about this.

Heyyy , thanks for replying ! I hate to sound ungrateful every fm radio located on the f-droid store, I have tried and it seems none of them work, yeah my old lg does have a qualcomm chipset, but the root is kinda the problem, maybe i will try rooting but i prefer not to. Oh and yeah that radio is definitiley designed for Motorolla, it refuses to work on my lg . I will try NextRadio. Oh and RFM Radio requires root but i might just root it then.

Defeats the whole point i wanted to use an fm radio but thanks for replying.

If the phone doesn’t support radio signals to begin with then apps like that won’t work.

Some phones do support this but you got to make sure you do and have the right things/steps which i’l walk you through some important steps.

  1. You need headphones connected to the phone they will act like the fm and am antenna.

  2. For these types of apps you’l have better luck on the Playstore they’l be more of them. But after you do get the headphones set up then that’s when you can try the Fdroid fm radio apps. The little that remains there.

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