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I already made the query on this topic (, but I don’t know if I have to do something else to publish the update of my app?

v1.1 still tags 1.0: F-Droid checks Git tags and adds a new version if it finds a greater versionCode under one of the tags. In this case it

  • checks out tag v1.0,
  • finds versionCode 1 under it,
  • checks out tag v1.1,
  • finds the same versionCode 1,
  • bails out because we already have a build with versionCode 1.

Proper versioning is important, see

What you should do: just like Licaon_Kter said, delete the existing v1.1 tag, push a new v1.1 tag pointing to a hash after the versionCode change.


Thanks for your answer. I try to follow your comment:

  1. I have removed the tag.

But now I’m a little lost because versionCode was already changed at :
versionCode 2
versionName “1.1”

So how do I point a new label?

Just make a new release with commit

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Thank you, then it is enough with:

git tag -a v1.1 -m "Releasing version v1.1"
git push origin v1.1

Try harder

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Now yes (I think), before doing so I wanted to make sure. Thanks for your help.

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