Help please updating an app: Directory /home/vagrant/android-sdk/platforms does not exist

Hi all,

I would like to ask for help with a problem updating the app Enroute Flight Navigation. Probably it is a silly question, but I could not solve it.

The build pipeline of the merge request fails with:

/builds/georgvfr/fdroiddata/build/Qt/5.15.2/android/bin/androiddeployqt --input android_deployment_settings.json --output android-build --release --apk de.akaflieg_freiburg.enroute_211.apk
Directory /home/vagrant/android-sdk/platforms does not exist

In the previous version the app was build successfully by fdroid. But since I tried to update the app the build fails.

On the build server $$SDK$$ seems to be set to /home/vagrant/android-sdk, which is linked to /opt/android-sdk.

/opt/android-sdk contains the following directories:

  • knownPackages
  • build-tools
  • emulator
  • licenses
  • platform-tools
  • tools

Directory platforms is missing here.

On my build system the $$SDK$$ = /home/user/Android/Sdk contains the following directories:

  • ndk
  • platforms
  • platform-tools
  • sources
  • tools

/home/user/Android/Sdk/platforms contains the following directories:

  • android-28
  • android-29

Could anyone provide some help where android-sdk/platforms can be found or how this problem could be avoided?

Any help would be appreciated.

You can try installing it in prebuild. $$SDK$$/tools/bin/sdkmanager 'platforms;android-29' > /dev/null

Thanks, that helped!

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