Help me making a good privacy Tiktok account (yup we can)

One of my close friends wants me to download Tiktok and i remember one of my experiments using Apk permission remover when i removed about 85% of the permissions and trackers and now i need to do it again but the new android policies prevent me from entering data folder to install the new modified apk and the app can’t install the new apk from the app so is their anyway to do this or any other app to do the same thing?

P.s: She doesn’t like Proxitok cause there is no option for mentioning and liking and she doesn’t like sending links.

Another P.s: I tried their web app and their app on an android emulator but they are lagging as hell and i really wanna edit the apk using anything، Maybe using Apk Explorer Editor which is open source but i really don’t know to use it.

Honestly, there is no way currently to achieve this, other than use modded apps which can be risk.

have interest too

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