Help me. I am a noob at merge requests

So… My app is good to be merged requested but i don’t know how to do it. Can you please guide me?

If i go to gitlab and go to fdroid data repo on merge requests there’s no button to do that. I was told that i should create a branch for my app and did that. After that, i pushed i was able to do a merge request on my own fork but it doesn’t really make sense to me because if i go to the official fdroid there are other merges. What am i missing?

GitLab’s UI can be somewhat confusing there, I keep occasionally making MRs to my own fork instead of upstream too.

If you go to your project’s Merge Requests page, you should see a “New Merge Request” button.

Under the Target Branch section (on the right), make sure to select fdroid/fdroiddata in the left box instead of your own fdroiddata, that’s the part that’s easy to accidentally do wrong:

Thank you :smiley:

I had to fork the fdroid data repository on the GitLab UI and then clone and do the changes. The tutorial i followed didn’t fork directly so that’s probably why that option didn’t show up.

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