[HELP] Arcticons build fails

We presume there’s some issue with the library, and thus have added it manually now…

But how to figure out which parts of the dependency to remove? Is there a list of non-free libraries to avoid? We’ve removed till now:

  • Proguard

Or we may be wrong and the issue is minor… in that case any help would be helpful

Source code at https://github.com/Donnnno/Arcticons

I don’t know why proguard is related. In the log I didn’t see proguard. Can you reproduce the error locally?

In the log is a Link to https://docs.gradle.org/7.2/userguide/configuration_cache.html#config_cache:requirements:use_project_during_execution

Edit: sorry, I misread something, so my first assumption seems wrong (deleted).

No can’t reproduce, proguard wasnt needed, and it was the only thing calling the org.conscrypt stuff

It built alright without proguard, so hopefully its safe.

But I’m a noob so i dont know much more than we gotta remove non-free dependencies…

Oh so the problem was configuration-cache! ok im removing that too then… it was marked unsafe anyway :stuck_out_tongue:
Lets hope it builds properly next time…

Any help is appreciated!

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I’m not an Android dev so I can’t help. But I’ll test latest commit later. Thanks!


It works again :slight_smile:
Thanks everyone!

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