HD-OBD, J1939, J1708, scan tool

I wish someone would make an foss app that would read and clear codes, show live data on J1939 and J1708 datalinks in big trucks and other non-automotive equipment. Then, in later versions, bi-directional controls to reset certain parameters in the ECU’s.

I asked around, and this is what I got.
QUOTE -> The tools I know work with ELM327. Haven’t looked into differences, but chances are pretty high the two chips use same or at least very similar communication protocol.USB dongles with ELM327 are available for real cheap - less than 2$. AndrOBD - Source Code
This app is not particularly great, but source is available and communication does work. I personally use Car Scanner, which is not open source but a lot more refined. As far as I can tell, it is legit. <- UNQUOTE

Hope this helps. I do not have idea about it as such, but the above was from a person on a group chat on TG.

Edit: Going through something on F-Droid, I stumbled upon this project: Data logger software to interface with the B&B Electronics IO module
Not sure, if it helps you in anyway. Have a look please.

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