Happy 10 Years of F-Droid!

10 years ago today, Ciaran Gultnieks posted the first blog post on f-droid.org, kicking off 10 years of bringing free software to Android. From early on, F-Droid also had a strong commitment to privacy and marked Anti-Features to help users choose software that most respects the users. Thanks to the many dozens of contributors over the years, F-Droid now brings free software to millions of users, and is built into many Android ROMs and devices.


It would have been nicer for FSF to also mention this F-Droid 10 years, but at least FSF did mention f-droid in the recent blog on FSF 35 years.


Congratulations and Happy Birthday! :smile:



I know I’m late to the party. Sorry. But I couldn’t help but reply when I saw this. Discovering F-Droid made android bearable for me. On all my devices I’ve replaced the default ROM with a custom rom, to get rid of the proprietary google stuff, and I always install F-Droid (doing so through the privilege extension zip gives and extra nice experience).

I do miss the old UI. But other than that, F-Droid has proven itself to be a solid project that can be relied on (and don’t get me wrong; the new UI isn’t bad either, just different)


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