GrayJay App (Ytb) privacy

Is anyone knowledgeable enough with this app to talk about its safeness in terms of privacy? (Similarly to libretube/seal)

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there is no extra privacy since you connect to the same servers, so the server admins can log and track connections as they see fit


It was more about how the app behaves inside android environment (with other apps)

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In what way? app does its thing, other apps can’t see what it does.

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Being able to collect more information’s through outside apps installed, across the device itself I meant. I’m sorry

normal apps can’t do that

system level apps, say Google Play/Services/etc, can do that

What about the device its installed on itself? (I’m on grapheme)

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Graphene is rather short on bloat, an keeps code in public

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I just know that I am new to it, trying my best to tell others about it, and that if I get a job soon, I will be donating to it to hopefully get it out of it’s never ending “construction” phase.

How is your experience going?