Gravity-switching game, VVVVVV, goes open-source

EDIT: Although open-source, it’s not freedom software (see comment).

News on reddit programming:

At Nintendo:

Art assets would need to be remade as the original art (icons and graphics) and music are “still under a proprietary license”. It will be interesting to see whether someone ports this PC (Flash) game to Android. With touchscreen controls would gameplay need to be more forgiving? Could a port to older phones maintain the 60 fps?

Very cool little bit of news that I though F-Droiders might like.

The source code needs to be remade too because it’s non-free:

You may not alter or redistribute this software in any manner that is primarily intended for or directed toward commercial advantage or private monetary compensation. This includes, but is not limited to, selling altered or unaltered versions of this software, or including advertisements of any kind in altered or unaltered versions of this software.

That’s true!


I was excited for a while. Yes, it needs to be “freedom” software.

The PVS-Studio Team couldn’t get past the source code of this game:

Great link. Thanks, Andrey.

When you say, “couldn’t get past the source code”, I’m not sure what you mean. They seem a professional team and were able to identify at least one big vulnerablity. They indentified a few area where maybe the code could be improved, offering suggestions and whatnot.

That’s really great to see, and food for though for all C programmers.

Thanks for sharing

We meant that sometimes it may be interesting to look inside such well-known projects even though they’re old. Sometimes we write articles like that. They lack practical meaning but it’s just interesting to do it. Here’s another example of an article written just for fun: Celebrating the 30-th anniversary of the first C++ compiler: let’s find the bugs in it -

It’s not open source, according to

I quite liked what was presented here:

Open source is a marketing term invented to sell free software to businesses

I like VVVVVV, I like Terry Cavanagh. But this is unfortunately not really relevant to F-Droid’s interests.

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