Graphene OS Questions, comments, concerns, outright ridicule?

Does any one have any suggestions, tips, or experiences for dealing with F Droid apps while using Graphene OS?

Nothing should be needed, it should work just fine.

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I keep having a few apps either freeze up or have that message that says something like “app is not responding, do you want to : wait, close app, app details”. I would have this with my previous Android, but not as much with this new one that happens to have Graphene on it.

what does “app details” offer you?

What if you disable for that app, in Android app details, their “memory harden” thing?

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GrapheneOS user here.

I personally have not had issue with any f-droid app on grapheneOS. Every single one I have tried works just as I’d expect on a stock android device. Might be good to mention what apps you are using that are affected

However it could also be some of the exploit protection features in GrapheneOS. The exploit protections can cause issues in certain applications most notably memory tagging and blocking native code debugging.

If you think it may be one of these issues you can simply go to the specific apps in question in the settings app and turn off certain exploit protections accordingly. If you don’t know which one may be causing it then no worries! Just toggle the exploit protection compatibility mode on the same page!

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My apologies, it will say “SHOW details”, and it’s just a bunch of matrix code looking stuff(I would copy and paste it here (as an example for ONE of the apps I use, but I don’t think you guys want that).

I have not tried that, because I am still able to limp my way through some of these crashes by resetting phone, and then not repeating the things it doesn’t like.

I don’t know what that is :slightly_smiling_face:

I think we had an Update this week (or at least I did), and things have a little more smooth eve since; but I was just trying to other users feel of it, so far.

Yea, I just don’t know where to turn here, because I don’t wan to risk posting things here and then later get :poop: on because i’m “violating” forum rules or something.
But yes, I will start to make a list of names & occurrences for the problem childs.

Yea, I have no idea what most of that means; but yes, I will try toggling that on said app, when/if it happens again, and see what the results are.

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Please use the Graphene communication channels to report these issue, with full stacktraces and whatever they need.

Maybe there’s an app issue, an app issue with their hardened_malloc (pretty please look at Android - Apps - app-that-crashes → find something about memory or hardening or security whatever)

I suppose I could, and will when I get around to it; but that’s not what I made this post for.

Yes, I will.

I’m still not sure why you did

Apps crash? Report to their devs

Apps crash ONLY ON ONE OS? Report to the OS devs (too)

F-Droid should not be in the middle of those reports (unless the app is NOT reproducible, and the app installed from F-Droid has the issue BUT the app installed from the dev does not)

If you reread the first QUESTION (OP), you should see why.

Well no where in this post did I say it should, but if you want to include it here, ok.
It was merely a question to see if anyone (which sounds like an official F NO, from your replies and everyone’s silence) agreed to the logic that it should, since it is the platform the hosts these apps, and would be helpful to both the users & the developers? to do so ( in my trivial opinion) for reasons I mentioned in another post.
That’s all.

Grapheneos? Love it!


How do you like it’s interface with F-Droid?
Any details you like/dislike?