Googleplay apps not downloadable on my new Lineage phone help!

I have encountered an issue when attempting to download mobile app on my new lineage phone. When I go to Googleplay store it does not allow me to download the app as it is already marked as downloaded. Then the other issue is that it does not appear to recognise my phone. Any ideas please?

Err, what does this have to do with F-Droid?

I suppose as an F-Droid related answer, I can tell you to try downloading your app with Aurora Store instead of the actual Play Store client.

good question and the connection is that I just started using lineage 17.1 with F droid available apps but there are things missing such as two factor authentication which I need for banking etc so needed a bit of help thanks

For two-factor authentication, at least for things that support TOTP or HOTP, I’d recommend Aegis or AndOTP, but banks often use their own protocols because they love being annoying…

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Fab! Thanks a ton. Also I am confused as to what Open Gapps is ? Is it similar to Aurora?

Aurora is a FOSS client for the Google Play Store.

The only thing open source about OpenGAPPS are their packaging scripts, install scripts, and website.
All of the actual apps are proprietary.

Thanks for explaining. I noticed that with the aurora app there is a choice between signing in anonymously or signing in to google play through the aurora app. Do you know what the main difference is if a product is downloaded via the google app store or anonymously other than google having a record that you have purchased a given app? Thanks

Oh, it has been a while.
Aurora uses a lot of the internals from Yalp.
With Yalp the anonymous option had a token server with a handful of premade
Google accounts.
In the case of downloading an app anon, Google would still know your IP and what
apps you were downloading, but it wouldn’t learn anything about your specific
device or have an account to tie you to.

The only reason you’d want to sign into Aurora with an account is if you have
paid apps, or I think beta program apps.

Thank you and the other reason is that Google Play store did not recognise my lineage phone even though I have an account with GP. I now managed to download a few apps I needed including using Aurora. So are you saying if the apps are free and not in beta then use the Google play option on Aurora? So this question is not confusing Let me rephrase. Is going to the google app store through aurora any different than if I went direct to the google app store? Thanks

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