Google voice foss replica!:)

Is a good project. Can it be used in keyboard in phones!


Yes, check this APP:

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If I’m not mistaken, that’s what Gadgetbridge is about to implement – and what would enable dictation via e.g. a Pebble smart watch.

I am currently playing with which uses a non standard maven repository

Is this a nogo for f-droid?

has somebody succeeded to build it with ?

I tried with

implementation 'com.github.alphacephei:vosk-api:0.3.23'

but it did not work

Afraid that maven repo will be a show-stopper, yes. You could try the submodule approach – or srclib.

There is maven central.

Why exactly is it a showstopper? Since jcenter is offline we moved to our repo which is much easier for us.

We have no problem to put jars anywhere else if you have good candidates.

Maybe for you – but for our builds, only trusted maven repos are permitted. And “putting JARs” won’t help, as F-Droid builds everything from source: JARs (or other blobs) are not permitted, unless from a trusted Maven repo (where they are built reproducibly).

Ok, we can put the build on I believe coming days.

@k3b we also have an app, not just a demo:, that app implements ASR service compatible with Android and gonna be a better candidate for F-droid. Please check. We will add model download/UI there soon so it will be a drop-in replacement for voice services.

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One can subscribe to to get jitpack updates

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