Доброго ранку! Хто підкаже,як можна в браузерах Brave and Iceraven(sauna repo) заблокувати сайти Буду щиро вдячний за змістовну відповідь.

Netguard, advanced settings, toggle manage system apps, toggle filtering, hosts blocking

edit a file, write:

go to Netguard, settings, backup, import hosts, select file

toggle Netguard ON, remove battery optimisations

that’s it

/PS: the Pro version of Netguard allows you to block domains per app :wink:


How does this work?? At the very least I’d expect tweaking the “Private DNS” setting would be necessary for any DNS based blocklist to be effective?


Yeah, Netguard will not work with Private DNS :person_shrugging:

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