Good sandbox application?

Are there any good, maintained apps that sandbox an app or other service away from the rest of your phone ? Both WebApps and GApps Browser are deprecated and that is all I could find similar to what I am talking about.

Insular – Insular | F-Droid - Free and Open Source Android App Repository
It does create work profile, so that apps installed in this profile don’t have access to your mainland. However I noticed 2 downsides:

  • If one app is installed in any profile, you can only clone it to other profiles. Android will not let you install different app with the same package name or signature.
  • Termux does not work in work profile.
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Should be noted all apps are sandboxed.
Shelter and Insular are just to be able to give an app file access without it actually accessing your files, but that is also changing with Android 13. Additionally you can have a VPN only for the work profile which is nice.

And as for websites:
state partitioning achieves the same goal, see my list here noted as “per-site data isolation”: Browsers - DivestOS Mobile

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