Good Proxy App for Android

I have Android phone and I need a good vpn for streaming content. Which vpn app is better for Android.

Android has built-in support for VPNs. It works well but doesn’t support some popular VPN protocols, which can be added through apps:

You mean Wireguard is a better option for Android.

If you are only streaming audio podcasts (video traffic is not recommended because it could overwhelm the network) and want to remain as anonymous as possibly, you could use Orbot.

  1. To get Orbot over F-Droid you’ll need to enable the Guardian Project repository in F-Droid’s Settings and refresh F-Droid’s app list.
  2. Once you have Orbot, simply tap the VPN button, it will put all your traffic over Tor.
  • If you don’t need or want all your phone traffic to go over Orbot VPN maybe you only need the Tor Browser app (step 1 above only then find and install Tor Browser)

The Tor network is not-for-profit and run by vlounteers around the world who support a free internet, similar to F-Droid. If you like Orbot and The Onion Router and you have available hardware/bandwidth you can help to strengthen the network by becoming a node. In a similar way that a person might volunteer to become an F-Droid mirror etc.

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