Global "share" app

I’m trying to find an app that will intercept any action like

  • link/url opening
  • “share to”

When the app intercept one of these actions, the app will display a list of installed apps, along with corresponding available actions for each app based on the content, so that I can choose where to share the action content.

Use case for “link/url opening” :
sometimes an app may display an url and offer no actions on long tap (like copy url, open with, etc.), the user can only do a single tap and open in the default browser. I’d like instead that this special app intercept the open url action and ask me what to do with the url. For this example I’d like to either copy the url as text or open it in a text editor.

Use case for “share to”:
a random app is asking me to scan a barcode with it’s feature barcode scanner. For $reasons this app can’t read the barcode, while another barcode scanning app can.
I’d like to scan the barcode with the working scanner app and pass the result to the other non working app.

I guess that the last use case it’s not really doable, but I think I’ve already saw something like this, but searching on F-Droid I was not able to find anything.

Do you have any suggestions?

Thank you!


App Manager has that feature :slight_smile:


Interesting thank you!
And I think this was the app I remember, but I can see why I may have overlooked, many features requires root :upside_down_face:

I do think that what I’m looking for requires necessarily higher system privileges… does it? Are there any non root options?

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I run exactly this setup, non-rooted, on all my devices, but it takes a little work:

  • 1st thing I do, I change from all the default “always open with” associations I find from the apps that have them. If they’re system apps (pre-installed & non-uninstallable on unrooted devices), they’ll also often include Advanced permission “Modify system settings” which needs to toggled off, else it may restore default or grab the link anyway. Due to different Android versions/ROMs, search online to find how best to do this for your setup, but usually involves each 1’s system “App Info” page.
  • Then (from default F-Droid repo only — other repo’s versions aren’t as good), I install/run

& setup as desired, making sure to make these non-default, as well.


Awesome apps! May I ask why use both “Open Link With” and “NeoLinker”? AFAICT both do the same thing?
Thank you!

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I would definitely use “Neolinker”, it actually looks better.

In my experience, “Open Link With” handles more kinds of links & can match them to, e.g., more external apps, & so I happen to use it oftener. But Neolinker has options to send links to a variety of online services, so I periodically use that, too.

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can u share the screen recording for an example? or any vid showing how?

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