Git lint to remove "easy to use" from description of apps

Should there be some rules from app descriptions?

Latest example

I dont claim to know everything, but im fairly computer savy and after reading description i have no idea what this app does. Probably a client for bookmark server called wallabag, but i have no idea what the actual features are

can we remove from descriptions words like simple, fast, elegant, easy to use, open source. And hopefully motos and lemas that are not descriptive too, like “Keep your links fresh”

Every time i look for an app is the same struggle, i have to open a browser in the computer, navigate a sea of simple, elegant apps and hopefully looking at the screenshots i can get a vague idea of what it does and if it has the features im looking for

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feel free to improve it: frigoligo/fastlane/metadata/android/en-US/full_description.txt at main · casimir/frigoligo · GitHub

I can submit a fix for this app, but this would require me to understand the features of this app and any app with this problem

i was thinking about this

In debian we have a linter that warns about known issues. Descriptions not being descriptive seems a good target for this