Ghost Commander showing only media files

After setting up my new phone (Google Pixel 4a) I noticed that Ghost Commander is only showing media files. I learned that Android 11 has different options regarding file access: all files and media files only. Sadly I’m not able to select “all files” for GC. When starting GC for the first time it asks for file permissions and I hit “grant” but it shows only media files. I checked the Android permissions options for Ghost Commander and it shows “media files only” but the only thing I can do is revoking the permission to access files. Then GC will ask for permissions again but when I grant them it is set to “media files only” again. It seems that GC is not asking for file access properly. I tried other file managers and they show all files but GC’s feature set cannot be replaced. I couldn’t find this issue on the forums or bugtrackers yet but I think there should be a few Android 11 devices out there already… any suggestions what I might be doing wrong?

Pixel 4a Android 11 (RP1A.201105.002) unlocked + Magisk

In the F-Droid client entry for GhostComm press “Issues” link? Anyone else reported it?

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