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i just installed termux with f-droid on my xiaomi redmi 5 plus. With termux play store I was using getmail but getmail doesn’t seem to exist in f-droid. I installed fetchmail but I cannot fully configure fetchmail I cannot indicate “is user”.
Is there an application equivalent to getmail in f-droid?
Thank you.

getmail is what exactly? a script? an app? Links?

it is an application which is on the termux repositories of the play store.

apt-cache show getmail6:
mail retriever with support for POP3, IMAP4 and SDPS
getmail6 is intended as a simple replacement for fetchmail.
But now I’m using f-droid termux.

The repos are the same, downloaded from Termux storage. We only package the app.

But, since it’s a python thing… just like “youtube-dl”, there’s no app, but just do
pip install getmail6

Better? :smiley:

Thanks so much, getmail is installed now.
But I have yet an issue:
… Delivery error (maildir delivery 31443 error (127, maildir delivery process failed (module ‘os’ has no attribute ‘link’)))
msg 1/9 (5223 bytes), delivery error …

However I have kept the same configuration as for termux play store:
$HOME/.msmtprc for msmtp
msmtp works fine, I can send a message.

Maybe ask upstream, the developers, that sounds like a mising dependency (eg. pip install something else)

The developer of getmail, Charles Cazabon, gave me the solution :

Without link(2), getmail cannot deliver mail to a Maildir using the
prescribed, safe steps to do so. And I’m not going to change getmail to
deliver unsafely to maildirs because that could result in corrupted or lost
You’ll have to use mbox format, I guess.

And now it works great with mbox format.

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