Gallery apps from F-Droid can't delete photos

I don’t know what caused this or how to fix it.
I’ve tried Simple Gallery, Camera Roll, LeafPic Revived. They all acted the same. The photos got deleted when I deleted them but when I back to out of the folder, they come back.
The app that has recycle bin will also has those photos appeared in the recycle bin, but the orignal photos are also present in their orignal folder. Empty the recyclebin remove them from recycle bin, but they still stay in their orignal folder.
The Simple Gallery app downloaded from Google Play store doesn’t have this problem. And as long as I have it, the one from F-droid also gains the ability to delete photo normally too. Once I uninstalled the Play store version, the F-Droid version also loses the ability to delete photo again.
This happened even when the phone doesn’t have any network connection or any MicroSD card inserted.

You forgot to say what version of Android/F-Droid you have.

F-Droid version 1.8
Android 10
F-Droid Simple Gallery 6.15.2
Play Store Simple Gallery 5.2.2

What device?

Realme 6 with RealmeUI 1.0

What about file managers? Material from F-Droid or Total Commander from Play or whatever

Just tested because of your question.
File managers from F-Droid also can’t delete the file. But file managers from Play Store can.
And it seems that only the photos from DCIM folder is affected. Photo saved or moved to anywhere else are fine.
I can also use file manager from F-Droid to move photo to other folder. Only the only thing I can’t do is deleting them while they’re in the DCIM folder.

Look into your Android settings, maybe there’s some “Protection” feature

I’ve tested it further.
This ‘undeletable’ status only affected photos and screenshots created on this phone. And it will only stay undeletable when they stay in either ‘Camera’ or ‘Screenshots’ folder. Screenshot that were moved to ‘Camera’ folder will stay undeletable

  • Photos which were not taken by camera or screenshot. AKA they were downloaded from somewhere else like browser are deletable by F-Droid apps
  • Photos which were taken by by camera or screenshot but moved out of camera or screenshot folder are deletable by F-Droid apps
  • Play store apps can delete them in any condition

To me it seems like the Android media server is making trouble again. Try to delete a photo, then run SD Scanner (from F-Droid). They should disappear after that.

There’s a “File Protection” in privacy settings which the description says "You will be alerted if a third-party app tries to delete images from the Camera, Screenshots, WeChat, or QQ albums.
I thought this should be the cause at first. But disabling it doesn’t help with the issue.
Running SD Scanner also doesn’t fix it

Can somebody else verfy this issue.

  • Under Android-10: Can delete photo with simple-gallery-from-g-play store but
  • under Android-10 cannot delete photo with simple-gallery-from-fdroid ?

My gallery app “A Photo Manager” also has media-api issues since “Android-10”

Maybe someone that has your device exactly.

Else, it works here and never heard about such an issue on many devices.

I had a feeling that it migh be caused by RealmeUI
But can’t do any further test as there’s no custom rom for Realme 6 yet AFAIK

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Only happened when photos or screenshots saved to the phone storage. Photos or screenshots saved to SD card can be deleted normally.

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