Funny: Mixed message about F-Droid's identity

I discovered this funny issue on the website while learning how the site is put together. F-Droid would be outraged but is unable to accept and express its emotion.

F-Droid has been described as a robot elsewhere on the website, but the HTML encapsulating his name in the news pages (eg. here) has Schema labelling it a Person. Robots may depend on Schema information to find the other Robots. As such we may also be perpetuating F-Droid’s social isolation and loneliness as a Robot.

Luckily for us, F-Droid is not programmed to start a social hashtag movement #robottoo, calling out our failure to account for its identity.

The ultimate question remains, should I fix this anti-bot discrimination during the site update, before the bots implement “Robot rights”, and attempt to teach F-Droid how to seek reparations?

: P

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Nice explanation :smile: I think in that case, F-Droid represents people, but not a bot, e.g. the F-Droid core contributors.

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