Fully decentralized VPN

Looking Developer build Hyprspace Android version or make new Fully Decentralized VPN based on ActivityPub

overlay networking since each node is both a server and a client
overlay networking to create a direct encrypted tunnel between two nodes even if they’re both behind firewalls. Each node doesn’t even need to know the other’s IP address before starting the connection.


Hypercore Protocol and pinecone and libp2p and devp2p
geneva Protocol

CDN Website ActivityPub Fediverse Router Android iOS Linux BSD “Domain generation algorithm” “Fast flux” All use overlay networking
Allow users in censored countries to use your network connection to access the network.
Help people in censored countries bypass censorship by running the

I have a feeling that other than PC "multihop node VPN "and DVPN all other mobile VPN’s will perish! If your government blocks the network, you just need to buy esim from other countries to have normal access.

In such contries maybe esim is not allowed. :sweat_smile:

why use this over TOR? (orbot)

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