Frost for Facebook should have TRACKING antifeature

I’m auditing the source code of Frost for Facebook by Allan Wang and I made a troubling discovery:

  • The app uses analytics (Bugsnag)
  • The checkbox to disable analytics does NOT disable it

For this reason, I think it should be made clear that the app tracks and reports your activities.

As an added bonus for privacy freaks like me, Bugsnag is hosted on Google servers.

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Did you open that issue, @dosse91?
Would you be so kind to share code snippets of your findings?
Thank you so much for reporting this.

Hi, yes I reported that issue.
Here’s the code:

  • Here you can see that it initializes BugSnag regardless of your analytics preferences: link
  • Here you can see that the option to disable analytics only disables a single line of logging in FrostVideoView.kt: link

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