There’s a recently released app based on the (finally) GPL “GZDoom” Doom/Heretic/Hexen/Strife game engine. It comes bundled together with the assets from the Freedoom project (BSD).

It would be great to have a version of this app in the F-Droid repo.


Includes fmod.jar. F-Droid does not allow brebuilt libraries because there’s no way to verify they are free software.

Hey does anyone know how I’d go about editing, contributing or forking this project to be able to disable the touchscreen and use a bluetooth mouse/keyboard to control it (like in PC doom). Bluetooth mouse and keyboard functionality is already built into the Android OS.

I made some requests here:


But because I’m a noob, I don’t know whether I’m doing the right thing. In all seriousness, if I learnt a little C# (which is my plan) what would be the vague process I’d need to do this?

Download the source, look over the code, work out where the code for the touch screen adaptations are, work out how to include an option to override them?

I’m in way over my head aren’t I?