Free music app with an interace on the lock screen

Hello out there, Im looking for a open source app, which I can use, without unlocking the device. It could be similar to Apollo, which is discontinued unfortunately.

Anyone a recommendation?

Thanks a lot

BR Chris

Odyssey Music Player is by far one of the most useful music player apps. Its menu features song sorting by artist, song and album. You can also create playlists. For reproducing in the lock screen, it will show a notification with play/pause bottons, go back and foward.

Another option could be SMT music player: Simple Music Player | F-Droid - Free and Open Source Android App Repository

Those are the best ones, although odyssey is better for its design and album image preview.

Hope this helped!

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In theory every single music player should show play/pause/next/previous controls on the lock screen, so it shouldn’t matter what app you pick.


Keep in mind that your phone settings can affect whether a music app is allowed to show an interface on the lock screen.

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Im using GrapheneOS and I disabled the ‘notification on lock screen’ setting. After enabling it, I got these contol widgets visable, and was able to use it from the lock screen. So that was the problem.

Thank you all for your help

BR Chris

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