Found tracker in Scrambled-EXIF

I tested Scrambled-EXIF with ClassyShark3xodus and it identified a “ACRA” tracker (*µ?ACRA ; 198org.acra.). But when i check on Exodus Privacy - no trackers found.

I test app from F-Droid and PlayStore and it is exactly the same.

Is this normal, someone to explain more?
Report this upstream on Gitlab.

I believe that @oF2pks might be able to help explain the discrepancy here.

My two cents at this moment would be a basic whois of acra (dot) org. But (???)

IP Address:
Handle:  NET-208-91-197-27-1
Registration Date:  3/7/15
Customer:  Network Solutions, LLC
Customer Handle:  C05642671
Address:  12808 Gran Bay Parkway West
City:  San Jacksonville
State/Province:  FL
Postal Code:  32258
Country:  United States


acra is an open source app crash reporter. See

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@primarto ClassyShark3xodus has been updated: fixes and latest Exodus trackers database (294 lines) .
I decided few months ago to add some missing known trackers : many of them are quite unused (but present in old apks), some are in stand-by in Exodus Etip ( wip before final validation) and few are bug tracker.

These additions use prefixes: ° ² µ

As example,

  • ° for missing: Amazon new active tracker AWS Kinesis is missing
  • ² for Etip stand-by: e.g. GravyAnalytics
  • µ for micro non-intrusive: Acra

All these additions have one thing in common on F-Droid: they should not be activated without the user consent; otherwise they will be flagged with antifeature warning.

So in fact, having a foss bugtracker like acra in fdroid apps, is an indicator of quality. In theory bugtrackers should only be present in debug/nightly apps; in live contributors’-team market apps, it’s fair to have acra onboard (with user consent).

I also decided to go for one single exception to Exodus official database: Mapbox is softened to MapboxTelemetry instead of the wider general map sdk detection .

More info:

PS: @uniqx @Izzy (@M66B ) , it seems considers Bugsnag as not 100% open-source tool (possibly due to ?) :

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The Android Bugsnag client is 100% open source:

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@M66B that’s what I (lonely) suggested in in FairEmail proposal…

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