Fossify Contacts data loss

Whenever I turn off my phone all data is lost from Fossify Contacts, behaviour which did not happen with its predecessor Simple Contacts. Restoring contact data from the backup is straightforward but should not be necessary on a daily basis. Is this expected behaviour? I am running version 1.0.1 on Android 11.

Hello @cliffcoggin ,
this seems to be a bug in the app. It makes sense to report bugs directly to the developer (for example on GitHub).

I wanted to find out if this was inherent in the app or unique to me before delving into the labyrinthine Gitlab to find out how to report it.

Fossify Contacts | F-Droid - Free and Open Source Android App Repository → press Issue Tracker you mean?

or in Client, expand Links, press the same?

Thanks for the tip, though I would never have guessed that “Issue tracker” translates as “Report a problem”. After an hour fumbling with Gitlab to gain access I finally succeeded.

You keep repeating Gitlab for some reason :roll_eyes: when it’s not…

It’s GitHub (propriatary Microsoft), not GitLab (OpenSource)

Problem solved, though I am unsure how it occurred in the first place.

I deduced that the internal automatic backup of the app was devoid of any data, so that when the phone was turned on each day that empty backup removed the data in the app, thus obliging me to manually refill the app from the secondary backup in the SD card.

To overcome the problem I deleted all backups from both the internal memory and the SD card, then manually entered contact data again to the app. Since then the application data has been stable for the last four phone starts. I can’t prove my theory as the suspect backups have all gone, and in any case I would not know how to read the backup data.

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A follow up question. I received a question from Github about the matter to which I replied, but my reply did not appear on the relevant page. A second reply a few days later also did not appear. Should I now close the issue or wait until Github responds?

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