FOSS for Operating System

For Apps may we rely on FDroid but for OS AOSP is included by Google Default Apps, what is FOSS OS to replace Android OS?

Replicant is the only really free Android.


The only problem is they only maintain limited device. My only device is only Nexus 5 and Redmi 3s Prime. What about tizen and firefox OS?

Even if Tizen or Firefox OS ports exist for your devices, they have to use Qualcomm’s non-free blobs. So, you’re out of luck.

Also Firefox OS is discontinued.
If you want a compromise between being able to use a fancier device and using a relatively free OS I’d recommend Lineage OS.


  • It comes without Google stuff
  • You can easily root it
  • You can flash F-Droid privileged extension so you can use F-Droid without enabling “unknown sources”.
  • You can flash microg to emulate some Google services (without the anti se3rvices).
  • There is even a LOS flavor that comes with F-Droid and microg integrated.
  • You can completely block Google via hosts file (e.g. with AdAway). Some microg services won’t work anymore than and you’ll have to get used to your wifi symbol in the status bar indicating no internet connection (even though you are connected).


  • Not 100% floss
  • You’ll still be dependent on proprietary firmware updates that you have to get independently from OS updates.

I’m using LOS on my Fairphone 2 for a long time now and am very happy with it.


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