FOSS Development Toolchain

I am not that familiar with Android Development, but wanted to get (at least a bit) into it.

I want my workstation to (almost) only use FOSS Software. I tried to build Android Studio from scratch, but I failed and I feel like it isn’t made for DIY-builds.

I found but the URL is unreachable.

Do you know any good ressources on how to set up an Open Source (reproducable built or self-built) Toolchain for Android Development for Linux Mint 20 (or another Linux)? It doesn’t necessarily have to be Android Studio or an IDE - just compiling would be a good start. Which components do I need to self-built an app?

Thanks in advance!

You can check:

Alao this post has some funny and interesting subject on fixing android stuffs:

Well, there also is Debians Android Tools packages. They made a lot of progress, while they can compile some apps with specific versions of the tool-chain it’s probably not an option for building apps from scratch.

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It seems that @beuc has stopped maintaining and hosting the android-rebuilds project. We need a new maintainer, and F-Droid can contribute hosting to someone what wants to maintain android-rebuilds and a binary repository.

It seems there is some new work on this: GitHub - wchen342/android-rebuilds: Rebuild SDK and NDK from source. no longer hosts android-rebuilds binaries, it is now a round-robin DNS alias for mirrors which support rsync. F-Droid no longer runs any mirrors itself, so this was setup to ensure that other mirrors that synced from would continue to work. There is no real HTTP component or website any more.

If anyone wants to maintain android-rebuilds again, F-Droid could probably provide a VM or two.