FOSS Development Toolchain

I am not that familiar with Android Development, but wanted to get (at least a bit) into it.

I want my workstation to (almost) only use FOSS Software. I tried to build Android Studio from scratch, but I failed and I feel like it isn’t made for DIY-builds.

I found but the URL is unreachable.

Do you know any good ressources on how to set up an Open Source (reproducable built or self-built) Toolchain for Android Development for Linux Mint 20 (or another Linux)? It doesn’t necessarily have to be Android Studio or an IDE - just compiling would be a good start. Which components do I need to self-built an app?

Thanks in advance!

You can check:

Alao this post has some funny and interesting subject on fixing android stuffs:

Well, there also is Debians Android Tools packages. They made a lot of progress, while they can compile some apps with specific versions of the tool-chain it’s probably not an option for building apps from scratch.

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