FOSS Crash Reporting Tools

Are there other tools alongside ACRA that F-Droid accepts? For example Bugsnag?

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Bugsnag looks interesting.

But why is it neccessary to send the bugs via a 3d-party-service and to register for an account? If i have seen it correctly only the bug reporter is open-source but not the bug-processing service.

I am using my own minimalistic gpl crash reporter that catches all uncaught exceptions and writes the content of the recent logcat to a file.

It must be initialized with all the logger-names in Application.onCreate().

Here is an example)

public class AndroFotoFinderApp extends Application {
	private LogCat mCrashSaveToFile = null;

	@Override public void onCreate() {
		mCrashSaveToFile = new LogCat(this, Global.LOG_CONTEXT, HugeImageLoader.LOG_TAG,
				PhotoViewAttacher.LOG_TAG, CupcakeGestureDetector.LOG_TAG,
				FotoLibGlobal.LOG_TAG, ThumbNailUtils.LOG_TAG, IMapView.LOGTAG,
				ExifInterface.LOG_TAG, ImageMetaReader.LOG_TAG);


	public void onTerminate() {
		Log.i(Global.LOG_CONTEXT, getAppId() + " terminated");
		if (mCrashSaveToFile != null) {
		mCrashSaveToFile = null;

	public void saveToFile() {
		if (mCrashSaveToFile != null) {
	public void clear() {
		if (mCrashSaveToFile != null) {

It is privacy friendly as it does not automatically send any report, just write it to a local file.


I think that it is good to know if and why my app crashes without the need of users to contact me actively.
Some users may not contact me and just uninstall the app and I have no chance to fix the bugs.

A fully agree that this is usefull.

I assume that fdroid privacy requires “active user-optin” to send a crash report.

so sending it through an email should be as good without the requirement of a 3d party.

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A bit off-topic, but I wonder if F-Droid would allow apps made with Unity and/or OneSignal? :thinking:

It seems those are non-free libraries. F-Droid requires that all apps be free software. So, no.

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Maybe Godot would be an alternative to Unity?
There are no other real alternatives I suppose. :thinking:

If the game is already finished in Unity, I would suggest to make an own repo.
For new games, you can try out Godot. Do you agree, @blendergeek & @k3b?


If you use Godot, it looks like you could make an F-Droid compatible game. If you do, I will probably play it.

I really don’t know much about game development as I am not a gamer at all. But Godot seems like a good Free/Libre Open Source option for game engines as far as I know (which is reading the front text on their website).

There is also libgdx. There are both libgdx and godot games in F-Droid.


(thx to @NicoAlt for) re-open:

linked to , I’m looking for fdroid state of the art on these:

Custom Activity On Crash____cat.ereza.customactivityoncrash____
?Gitty Reporter____com.github.paolorotolo.gitty_reporter.____

Are they eligible to fdroid policy ?

Also interested about fdroid users general feedback on



EDIT: Instabug seems to have Firebase embedded (?): (and Bugly BugSense are closed source)

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