FOSS alternative for MS Teams

I havent’t find in forum any information about MS Teams compatible recommended app for Android.

Do you know any? I’m aware that it will use non-free network

Browser not good enough?

With cookies and session&storage shared with all other web pages?

Possible, but I would have to find web browser with switchable profiles - like
firefox -P

Use a Private page?!

I don’t have a solution, but wanted to share my personal experience on this mater.
Recently I helped someone who has been moving to Free Software on his computer (with my help) deal with the sudden need to use MS Teams (it was a sudden work requirement, there was no time to plan and prepare). We discovered that using a Browser wouldn’t be the best choice because Firefox doesn’t support videochat+screensharing, we then tried Ungoogled Chromium and it was working but it would break a lot… He was about to give up and use the proprietary app in Windows when we came across an open source Client for linux, which is basically a browser running with all the configuration already done so it works out of the box!

I am writing all this to say that while I prefer using a browser for most of my needs and like having bookmarks and such, I realize that some people in some situations might require a more dedicated solution. I would like to know of a Free Software MS Teams client just as I like that Facebook Free Software clients exist (even though I don’t use Facebook). Do I try to encourage people to use other solutions? YES! I think there are better alternatives. But in the world we live in we need to have Free Software that allows us to work and compete in a leveled field with others.
Just my two cents :slight_smile:
Btw, if this helps, here is a link for Linux client (I don’t remember if this was the one we used in the situation described above, but I believe it was).


Thank you - that’s another desktop option for me.
I’ll try this out, hope it will work on my preferred configuration - ubuntu 22 & armhf architecture.

There is an AppImage file, which should run well in most distros. Not sure about architecture, you will have to try it yourself. Good luck!

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