Fosdem 2019

FOSDEM 2019 Call for participation recently started. Which got me thinking about what to do for next years fosdem.

@hans did a talk in 2016. I was there the last two years and last handing out F-Droid stickers and generally talking about F-Droid with lots of people.

So I think there’s interest in having some more presence there. I guess the first question is who’s planning to be there? If it’s more than just me we could think about having an F-Droid stand. :slight_smile:

I’d also be interested in submitting a talk about F-Droid, would be interesting to brainstorm what it should focus on. And also which track/devroom might be best suited here.

Main track proposals are to be submitted by 13.10./3.11. Devroom CfP’s start around 16.10. Stands submission deadline is 2.11.

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I might go, but I’m not sure about it yet. I have some stuff at work that may require me going to Brussels and cannot attend FOSSDEM :frowning:

FOSDEM is a great event, I definitely can recommend it. And definitely
a perfect place to represent F-Droid. I don’t know if I’ll be able to
make it this year though. I’m happy to help anyone who wants to submit
to it.

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Pinging @contributors to get an overview on who might be going. :slight_smile:

I’ll definitely be there again unless they find more than 10 horses to hold me back. :wink:


I’d really like to have an F-Droid stand next year. There should be two people present at the table throughout the event. So beside @Coffee and me we’d need probably at least 2 more people to have a chance at still enjoying FOSDEM. :slight_smile:
Anyone else who’d know by 2.11. if they’re going and willing to be present at the F-Droid stand?

I hope I’ll be there, but still not sure, it depends on what courses we will have in my school at this moment :smiley: I’ll be sure in one month I think.

Here is the discussion from the Decentralized Internet & Privacy devroom:

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Announcement is live:

Dealine is 11-26, I’m pretty sure I want to submit something there.

ping me if you want help writing the submission

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