Folder maker application

Is there a F-Droid or Aurora application that will create a folder on the home screen into which I can insert individual files? I see plenty of ways to organise applications into icons or widgets or whatever they are called, but I see nothing that will allow me to insert or link disparate individual files such as pdf and odt into one location on the home screen for rapid access.

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You can use file manager, like Fossify and select the file/folder you want to add shortcut to for in home screen/desktop. Then from the drop down select make shortcut and select yes in the popup.

Wonderful. Thank you so much.

Please, where is the “Desktop” folder in Android ? /storage/emulated/0/ … ???

there is none

each launcher has it’s own “Desktop”

Then? This is not a directory? Or is hidden in Data subfolder ? Or is only a text (xml…) file depending on launcher software, storing descriptions of path/icons… to Apps or Folders (i.e. Apps groups?), kind of multi .lnk/.desktop file?

It’s nothing related to any PC. Everything that you listed is not a thing.

Look a more launchers and how they choose to organize it.