Focal app android11 problem

I like tot use focal as app tot take pictures instead of the default camera app.
Recently I moved from Android 10 to Android 11 (lineageos17.1 to lineageos18.1)
Since this move, i can’t take any pictures anymore: only 0byte files are created. Video capture does work.
Any pointers where tot go VROM here tot het thuis fixed?

Use Open Camera instead.
Focal is obsolete and will probably never be supported on Android 11.

Thanks for the replies. Too bad the focal app is not developped anymore. I was looking for an app with just that functionality to easily make 360degree images (using Hugin for stitching on my laptop)
Any suggestions for an f-droid app that can do that? (I have no GAPPS and don’t want any Google services, not even through Aurora)

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