Firefox usb remote debugging


There is a user.js projects on github (, But we can not use them if we don’t have rooted device. because we can not inject these scripts.

But if you use non-rooted device and use Firefox, you can inject the scripts by usb remote debugging the about:config page. here is the simple explanation:

But for remote debugging we need mozilla’s firefox. The mozilla firefox desktop edition does not recognize other browsers :frowning:

I know there are license problems with Mozilla. So what do you prefer? Is there any solution do you know?

Thank you

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Hi,… t’s been possible for a long time to connect the Firefox Developer Tools to Firefox for Android so you can debug your mobile website. Until now, this was a fairly complex and error-prone process. From Firefox 36 we’ve made the process much simpler: in particular, you don’t need to deal directly with the [adb] tool at all. Now you connect using [WebIDE], which takes care of setting up adb behind the scenes.

pcb assembly

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