Firefox Fennec and the future

Sounds like marketing BS. Many people believe Fennec is slow (and that’s mostly true), so Mozilla needs to make some PR to convince those people that those issues are fixed.

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Since I work on Orfox and talk with Mozilla people as part of that work, I can confirm that it is true that they are actually working on some big changes.

If it helps Firefox Fennec/Klar/whatever to be build easier in F-Droid, then thumbs up! Else…

Good to see that there is still the Gecko engine in the “Android components” repo.

Do you think that Focus/Klar will be updated soon? :stuck_out_tongue:

I guess:

So… what does the future hold there:

Al least we had a repo before…

the future here is very bright. Tor Project is committed to
reproducible builds and free software, and in general are fans of
F-Droid. Tor Browser is a huge project, so it won’t move fast. I’ll be
sitting with the Tor Browser devs very soon, so I’ll be working to help
make things happen.

Orfox is still supported for now.


Great to hear this.

On a first impression the browser is very fast, and I don’t mean during use only, but the start of Orfox is terrible, I can literally sit there 1 minute for it to load the same extensions that TorBrowser loads instantly.


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