Firebase allowed in Fdroid apps?

I was wondering if Fdroid allows applications with Firebase’ free cloud notification service, or other push notification providers? If so how are keys handled?

I am wanting to build an app using notifications for a project and I would prefer to distribute with FDroid store if possible. Can you point to examples of how other apps do this within Fdroid?

Keys need to be in the source code.

Are these Firebase libraries free open source software?

Unfortunately, Firebase libraries are not FOSS.

In other words they cannot be linked in to any Fdroid apps?
What alternative do you all use or recommend, what do other apps use?

For push? Nothing…or their own…eg. XMPP clients don’t need push, MQTT ones too iirc.

Ask Google to open source Firebase like so many other of their Android libraries. The blocker is that they are totally proprietary.


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