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even when Google and Samsung do have my GPS data all the time they don’t tell me where the last place it was seen was, it has to be still up and running with the services they provide…

Is there any App which sends Geo data when the phone turns off just in case the battery loses power or the thieve turns it off…

Like the App Find My Device on this store which could have this features to send last Geo data beofre turning off or restart to a certain number…


Maybe ask the dev of FindMyPhone | F-Droid - Free and Open Source Android App Repository to help?

Not exactly. I use MAXS with the xmpp and location modules so when the phone is on I can send it an xmpp request and it sends me it’s location.

Now MAXS uses the battery as the status message for the xmpp so you could have a monitor on the xmpp server that triggers a location request when the battery status gets below a certain value. But it seems like a lot of effort and setting things up.

How can I ask the dev of FindMyPhone?

Follow the link to the issue tracker and create an issue.

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