Filter Options for Search on and inside the F-droid-App

Hello everybody,

I just wanted to share that I’m missing the possibility to filter search results on and within the app, too, by the Android Version of your phone and the app-category.

In my opinion it’s very annoying to have to look through very long lists of search results especially if you have an older phone for which there’s f.ex. the newest only available (custom)ROM one with Android 4 or 5 (this may be a phone which is only used offline but still works for some tasks so it doesn’t need to be thrown away, like my old LG from 2012), and the search result list contains lots of apps of which no compatible version, even not an older one, exist at all.

What do you think, would that be realistic to implement this in the not soooo far future at least into the website?

Who else would be interested in using this feature?

Thanks in advance,


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You already have that by default, all the incompatible apps should not even show up.

But yes, there’s a known issue that sometimes those popup anyway.

Which app appears yet it’s not compatible?

(the Settings -> show incompatible toggle is OFF, right)

On there’s no such filter as far as I know. And because I use my smartphone mainly offline and for that don’t have any simcard inside (and no wifi at home), i usually download apps directly from the website with my computer and then transfer them to the phone via adb.
So the website itself can’t know at all what Android Version is installed on my phone.
Implementing an advanced search option with possibility to filter for the used Android Version on the website would therefore be very very helpful for me.
My Phone runs Android 4.1.3.

Thank you very much in advance.


The website has an actual text line for each build saying: This version requires Android ?.? or newer.

Did you miss that?

I already saw this text line - but it’d be very nice to only show those apps in the search results list, which have at least one version in the f-droid repo which is compatible with the android version on my phone.

I agree, i have a few old phones i would like to use for hiking off the web and just using the sats for compass etc but searching for like android 4.1.2 etc found apps but not for use with 4.1. whatever and old stuff worked before and i made the mistake of clearing the phone and could not get anything unles it was mostly 5.0 or above just need the old apk’s listing for versions 2.2 i even have that worked great for hiking etc…
****************** well i have got the app on the phone and yes it does filter out the stuff that wont work. It actually has nothing compatible… so it says…even though the filter is suppose to show only compatible apps it does not for instance, trail sense poped up, cool, but down on the bottom it says no versions compatible with device. this is what i think we are trying to get around.

For your purpose I can highly recommend as a map app Osmand+ (, the newest build requires only Android 4.0.3 or newer. I use it in my everyday life very often and am very satisfied with it (especially with the possibility to download topographical maps for a whole country or federal state and rendering it directly on the phone according to the set configuration). Recording GPS tracks works very fine and simple, too.

ya i grabbed that as the phone started to die, charging right now, said so much space req and have to delete some stuff for the map just a few meg, haven’t tried it yet but it should be good since you recommend it and i have already downloaded it. Will let you know.

Osmand allows to store the downloaded map data on the sdcard, too. (f.ex. in case there’s not enough free space left on the internal storage)

thanks i forgot to put that in, removed it a long time ago

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