File transfer basics (for music files)

I’ve just installed “Music Player GO”.

How can I transfer music files over usb or wifi from linux host?

In the old days it would be exported as block device, which linux could mount as FAT32. Block level wasn’t the right level. But now there doesn’t seem to be a good fs protocol that can be exported by android and mounted on linux.

I’m trying to do the MTP thing, but I can’t work out how to enable it on my LG G5. It’s not on the pull-down, which is where instructions on the web say to enable it. If I search settings, then settings crashes.

You just connect the device… your linux should have all the needed bits and the device should appear in your filemanager, if not…change distro :slight_smile:

Else, Filezilla PC + primitive ftpd on device or Syncthing on both or …

Or adb-sync.

To copy files from Linux to Android using MTP two things are needed:

  1. Install MTP file system support on Linux. For Debian/Ubuntu you might use sudo apt install go-mtpfs
  2. Ensure USB mode set to MTP. For Android 10 enable Settings -> Connected devices -> USB -> File Transfer.

Then you should be able to copy files using either the command line, or a graphical file manager.

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