File manager with Wifi network management


I’m looking for an open source file manager with Wifi network management, to easily copy files from my computer to my phone.

Do you have that in store?

Most file managers support a built in FTP server. If you search “FTP” you will see “File Explorer” abd “Ghost Commander” (and “Ghost commander SFTP plugin”). Also “Amaze” seems to support turning itself into an FTP server to share files.

I just upgraded the SecureSuite app in Google Play with a Wifi file manager.

SecureSuite in Google Play

The Wifi file manager feature is new so any feedback is appreciated.

It also supports an SQLCiipher contact manager and an IOCipher encrypted filesystem.

According to its GitHub page SecureSuite is distributed under the GPL3. Did you make a request for it to be available in F-Droid? If yes, any particular reason why it is not (yet?) included?

No request for F-Droid yet. No reason other than effort and a learning
curve. SecureSuite uses three .jar files and I am not sure the effort to
directly build it from source. Unless I missed something, I don’t see any
other reason it could not be available in F-Droid.

The three jar files are:

  1. commons-codec.jar
  2. ez-vcard-0.9.6.jar
  3. jackson-core-2.3.3.jar

As I understand the process, these three jars would need to be derived from